Marsden Manufacturing & Export Co (NZ) Ltd and its principal and founder Paul S.Marsden, have been engaged in a variety of industries in start-up, management, marketing, and production capacities for around 30 years. The Company has been mainly active in the concrete industry, designing and building brick production plant and machinery, which manufactures a wide variety of concrete elements for the building, construction and landscape industries. It has also been the prime mover in establishing a number of brick manufacturing plants throughout New Zealand with its own, MARSMAC brick production machinery. In addition, the Company also established two of its own brick making plants in Auckland City that have functioned as development facilities, both of which still operate today. It was a challenging period that not only provided the Company with significant, concrete industry experience, but gave rise to an innovative spirit nurtured by hands-on experiences in a variety of other industries also.

Marsden Machinery Marsden Machinery Marsden Machinery

The Company’s interests are diverse with work in progress in projects ranging from brick machine design and build; refractory product development; designing and manufacturing new materials and products for the building, construction and landscaping industries, and developing added-value products from industrial waste streams. It also has interests in the development of bioactive substances for the cosmeceutical industry, emanating from discoveries made with novel compositions and their controversial, therapeutic effect.

Marsden Machinery Marsden Machinery Marsden Machinery Paul Marsden

Marsden Manufacturing & Export Co (NZ) Ltd
54 Bruce McLaren Rd Henderson Auckland
Tel: 0064 09 524 7288



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